10 Winter Driving Tips

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10 Winter Driving Tips

At Ray’s Auto Repair, we take your safety seriously.  While the best tip for winter driving is to stay home, here are ten quick winter driving tips that can help you weather the storm when you must travel.

1.  Make sure you have either snow tires or all-season tires.  Also, check to ensure your tires are properly inflated for optimum grip.

2.  At the beginning of the winter season have your wipers checked.  If they need replacing, now is the time to do it.

3.  Wear your safety belt and have each of your passengers, including those in the back seats, wear their belts.

4.  Use your headlights, even before it’s dark.  This will enable other vehicles to see you in low light.  Also, keep your headlights clear of snow and ice.

5.  Be aware that even if a road appears clear, that it may be icy.  Watch for “black ice” and be extra careful around bridges and intersections.

6.  Always keep your gas take at least half full.  This will help to keep your gas line from freezing.

7.  Remote starters are popular, but never warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area, and never leave your vehicle unattended.

8.  Avoid using your parking brake in inclement weather.

9.  Never use your vehicle’s cruise control when driving on slippery roads.

10.  Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania many people have either four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.  Yet, these vehicles still can fall victim to foul weather.  Keep your speed down when driving in winter conditions.

Have you gotten your vehicle winterized yet?  Have you checked your anti-freeze?  If not, just select the “Schedule Appointment” button below to get your vehicle ready for winter!

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