Dull and Hazy Headlights?

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beforeDull and hazy headlights are both dangerous for nighttime driving and unattractive on your car.

We use an easy, Three-Step process

Each Headlight Restoration Kit contains the following:

afterHeadlight Restoration

Works quickly to remove light-to-medium scratches, discoloration, dirt and grime from vehicle headlight lenses, leaving them with a like-new appearance. This versatile polish can be used on plastics, Plexiglas’s acrylic and boat windshields.

Headlight Sealant

Protects lenses and prevents future discoloration. Provides a streak-free finish every time. Dries quickly even under overcast conditions.

Headlight Lens Drier

Cleans and dries the lens prior to sealant application. Prepares lens for proper sealant adhesion.

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