It’s Spring!!! Time for Your Seasonal Vehicle Check-Up

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carspringSpring is almost here.  The sun’s hanging around longer, and we know you’re itching to get riding! But don’t hit the road just yet – there’s a few things you need to do to get your bike back in shape after hibernating all winter. It should only take a couple of hours to get your bike in tip-top shape for riding season so you don’t miss a single day of it when it gets here.  It’s a valid question, no matter how often or infrequent you ride. Either on-the-road usage and vibration, or in-the-garage inactivity can take their toll on your bike.  Potentially degrading safety, control, performance and comfort.

Tires And wheels

Are your rims free of dings? Are your spokes tight and straight? Check pressures in both tires. Since most manufacturers specify pressures for cold tires, this is the only accurate way to check them, as they heat up quickly on the road, raising the pressure.
While you’re down there checking the tires, make sure you’ve got plenty of tread. You should have more than 1/16 of an inch, about the distance between Lincoln’s head and the top of a penny. Remove foreign objects that may have lodged in the treads

Controls and cables
Broken or frayed throttle or clutch cable can leave you on the side of the road, so check ’em. Operate anything connected to a cable and make sure that levers and cables feel smooth and don’t bind. Apply the front brake and push the bike forward. The brake should feel firm, and the front wheel should not move. Check the rear brake in the same fashion.
Oil and fuel
Running out of gas can be inconvenient, but running out of oil can turn your bike into an inert display of public art. Even some new bikes can use enough oil to be down a quart between oil changes, so check it before every ride.
Seeing and being seen are two great ways to avoid unwanted incidents.  Start by turning on your ignition. Are the headlight’s high beam and low beam working? Does the taillight come on? Does the brake light come on when you depress the brake pedal and lever? Check left and right turn signals, front and rear

Side stand and center stand
The side stand is a handy little item—it’s what keeps your motorcycle off the ground. Make sure it’s not cracked or bent. Check the spring or springs. Are they in place, and do they have enough tension to keep the side stand safely up?
Have a great season and ride safe!

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  1. Although I am not very knowledgeable on cars, I consider myself pretty in love with my car. I didn’t realize that pressures in tires were determined off of cold specifications and that it was more accurate to check both tires. Thanks for the awesome information and I will make sure to put it to good use!

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